Electrical Safety Testers - The Benchtop Range Electrical Safety Testers The Benchtop Range Compliance Testing for the Manufacturer This extensive range of Electrical Safety Testers supports product development, manufacturing and final compliance testing. View Products Electrical Safety Testing - The Mobile Range Electrical Safety Testers The Mobile Range Compliance Testing for Service Engineers Electrical Safety Testing for the Service Engineer for annual compliance testing of Electrical Products, Industrial Machines and Medical Equipment. View Products Precision Multimeters Precision Multimeters The Benchtop Range Test Meters for Professional Engineers Looking for Test Instruments for your R&D team, your Test Laboratory or Production Facility? Then go on spoil yourself and chose one of these! View Products Handheld Multimeters Handheld Multimeters Precision Multimeters, Calibrators, Milliohmmeters & Insulation Testers With thousands of Multimeters to choose from we have saved you time and frustration by pulling together the very best Multimeters for their functionality,  quality, reliability and safety. View Products Benchtop Power Meters Benchtop Power Meters Supporting Power Measurements of Electrical Appliances & Components Here we offer Power Meters for monitoring power consumption in Electrical Appliances, Assemblies & Components. Supporting both standby power & power consumption testing. View Products Benchtop Resistance Meters Benchtop Resistance Meters Supporting Resistance Measurements in R&D, Production & Final Inspection The function and performance of components and materials is often specifically related to their resistance, here we offer a range meters to help you accurately measure this important variable. View Products Precision Milliohmmeters Precision Milliohmmeters For very low Resistance Measurements in both Electronic & Industrial Applications Precision Benchtop Instruments for routine low Resistance Measurements plus specially designed Handheld Instruments for Industrial Applications in Aerospace or EV Manufacture. View Products UPS Battery Testing Kits UPS Battery Testing Kits For the Professional Test Engineer maintaining energy storage systems These products were originally designed for the UPS Service Engineer but we still find applications for them in all areas of Battery Manufacture and Test. View Products Battery Cell Testers Battery Cell Testers For use within R&D and functional testing of Battery Cells & Systems If you are involved with the manufacture of Battery Cells or Battery Packs then we are sure your will be interested in the special Battery Testers we have to offer. View Products DC Electronic Loads DC Electronic Loads For Controlled Battery Load Testing and DC Power Source Compliance Tests DC Electronic Loads are ideal for testing the performance of DC Power Source Products. Including Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, Solar Panels, Battery Cells or Battery Packs. View Products AC or DC Power Supplies AC or DC Power Supplies Economical Test Solutions for DC Power Supply & AC Power Source Applications These select products are the most compact economical solution to cover your DC Power Supply or AC Power Source test requirements. View Products Programmable DC Power Supply     Programmable DC Power Supply For Research & Development or Production Line Testing Programmable DC Power Supplies offering Constant Voltage/Constant Current operating modes plus Sequential Waveform output functions. View Products AC/DC Power Source AC/DC Power Source The Ultimate Programmable Power Source for R&D, Production and Final Test Designed to help Engineers in R&D, Production and Test take products from development safely through to final compliance testing.. View Products Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Digital Storage Oscilloscopes For Signal Monitoring & Generation in Research, Development and Test An extensive range of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes offering competitive pricing at every level of functionality. View Products Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes For Signal Monitoring & Generation in Research, Development and Test An extensive range of Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes offering competitive pricing at every level of functionality. View Products Bench & Handheld LCR Meters Bench & Handheld LCR Meters Why not inspire your Engineers with the very best in Component Test Equipment Benchtop & Handheld LCR Meters with High Accuracy Levels, just select the Measurement Frequency Range to meet your test requirements. View Products Multi-Channel Data loggers Multi-Channel Data loggers Extensive range of data loggers for R&D and Industrial fixed applications Compact Multifunctional Data loggers offer the ability to monitor any number of test points within the lab or fixed on site. View Products Current Clamp Meters & Probes Current Clamp Meters & Probes Current Clamp Meters and Probes for accurate AC/DC Current Measurements Clamp on Current Meters for quick AC/DC Current Measurement & Current Probes to transfer data to Oscilloscopes & Data Loggers. View Products Rogowski Current Probes Rogowski Current Probes For AC Current Monitoring in High Power AC Systems Here we offer a range of Rogowski Current Probes for the transfer of high AC Current Measurements to Power Quality Analyzers and Scope Meters. View Products Power Quality Monitoring Power Quality Monitoring For AC Power Generation, Distribution and Power Consumption Monitoring Extensive range of Power Quality Analyzers for monitoring AC Power Systems & capturing all disruptive Power Quality Anomalies. View Products AC Power & Energy Monitoring AC Power & Energy Monitoring We offer suitable products for all levels of Power & Energy Monitoring Specific products for Power & Energy Monitoring of Industrial Machines, Process System, Commercial Buildings & Utility Supplies. View Products AC Power Monitoring AC Power Monitoring AC Power Transducers for the accurate measurement of all AC Power variables Transducers for monitoring all AC measurement variables in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution. The range covers both signal function & multifunctional programmable units. View Products DC Power Monitoring DC Power Monitoring DC Current & Voltage Transducers used within High Voltage DC Power Systems Transducers for monitoring DC Current & Voltage in High Voltage Systems. Applications include Rail Traction Power & Rolling Stock along with Wind Turbine & PV Systems. View Products DC Signal Conditioners DC Signal Conditioners Convert Process measurements into a suitable DC Output Signal DC Signal Conditioners designed to offer the required protection in the form of electrical galvanic isolation between the measurement input, conditioned output and power circuits View Products Angular Position Transmitters Angular Position Transmitters Precise Angular Positional Monitoring with Kinax Angular Position Transmitters. The range includes compact angular position sensors that can be built within custom designed products. Plus robust standalone units for heavy plant and industrial applications. View Products Food Storage Temperature Monitoring Food Storage Temperature Monitoring From Convenience Stores to Superstores, Aranet make it simple to show compliance Remote real time Temperature Monitoring is possible with the Aranet Wireless Sensor System. Aranet make it simple to capture data from remote wireless sensors. View Products CO2 Monitoring with the Aranet4 Smart Measurement Solution CO2 Monitoring with the Aranet4 Smart Measurement Solution Download CO2 Data via the Aranet4 App or Aranet Pro Base Station Monitor your indoor environment, learn how to control the quality of the air that you breath, room temperature & humidity. All key factors that keep you comfortable & support your wellbeing View Products CO2 Monitoring with Visions Full Colour Measurement Solution CO2 Monitoring with Visions Full Colour Measurement Solution Air Quality Monitor with a Full Colour Coded Visual Display A simple sign that an occupied space is not well ventilated is its CO2 level. Too high and it can be detrimental to your health. Visions Colour coded display offers a clear visible indication View Products CO2 Monitors for Schools, Colleges & Universities CO2 Monitors for Schools, Colleges & Universities Monitor & Improve Air Quality to help reduce Airborne Infections There is a simple sign that an occupied room is not well ventilated, it’s the CO2 level. You can use this measurement to monitor and improve Air Quality and reduce Airborne Infection View Products CO2 Monitors for Healthcare Applications CO2 Monitors for Healthcare Applications Monitor & Improve Air Quality to help reduce Airborne Infection There is a simple sign that an occupied room is not well ventilated, it’s the CO2 level. You can use this measurement to monitor and improve Air Quality and reduce Airborne Infection. View Products CO2 Monitors for Commercial Buildings CO2 Monitors for Commercial Buildings Inline with ‘The Building Regulations 2010 – Ventilation Part F’ The importance of monitoring CO2 Levels in Commercial Buildings is becoming better understood as CO2 levels are used to monitor the effectiveness of air conditioning systems View Products Condensation Monitoring and Control Condensation Monitoring and Control Monitor the conditions that cause Condensation, Damp and Mould Here we offer you a simple range of products to help you monitor Humidity, Air and Surface Temperature these are the key factors that create Condensation, Damp and Mould. View Products Horticultural Sensors Horticultural Sensors Helping the Smart Greenhouse or Vertical Farm improve Quality & Maximise Yields Here we offer the smartest range of wireless Horticultural Sensors for monitoring all of the variables that effect the growing condition within the Greenhouse or Vertical Farm Facility. View Products Poultry Farm Sensors Poultry Farm Sensors Help maintain the best environment for Breeding, Hatching & Growing your Stock Here we offer the smartest range of wireless sensors specifically designed for use within Poultry Farms with special Ammonia Resistant Sensors. View Products Professional Light Meters Professional Light Meters For Illuminance & Luminance Measurements We offer a professional range of Light Meters from leading manufacturers Gossen & UPRtek covering both Illuminance and Luminance Measurements. View Products Accessories Accessories Full range of Accessories available supporting all of our Partners Products Accessories supporting key products from our Manufacturing Partners including Aranet, Fluke, Gossen Metrawatt, Graphtec and GW Instek. View Products Latest Offers Latest Offers This is where you can pick up some fantastic deals from GMCiUK All of these products are in stock and available with our Free Next Day Delivery Service View Products

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Welcome to GMCiUK

GMCiUK support our customers with both product & advice in a number of key areas that include…

Battery testers for UPS service engineers plus research and development support for manufacturers & universities.


We offer Power & Energy Monitoring plus Power Quality Analysis at the highest level, supporting electricity utility companies, renewable energy suppliers plus electric vehicle production & design.


We offer a range of products covering all aspects of electrical safety testing for both electrical products and systems all controlled by national and international standards.


We supply a full range of Data Loggers from single to Multi-channel high speed recorders supporting UK engineers with all their data monitoring and acquisition requirements.


We offer an extensive range of industrial interface products from leading manufacturers for monitoring power and energy in all major industrial and commercial sectors including industrial process & manufacturing sites, transportation, commerce plus power generation, distribution and consumption.


In fact we would just like to hear from you if you need to monitor at any level voltage, current, power, resistance, temperature, humidity or even light because I am sure we can help.


Mark Stabler - Director

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