Professional Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Professional Indoor Air Quality Monitors
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Air Quality Monitoring.

Here we offer a range of products for monitoring Carbon Dioxide levels suitable for any living/activity space along with Air Flow Meters suitable for the Facility, Events & Health & Safety Manager looking to monitor Air Quality within schools, offices, restaurants and any other public facilities were people may congregate.

What does the HSE say about the need for ventilation?

“Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 monitors are useful devices to help assess whether adequate ventilation is being provided to an occupied zone. Indoor ventilation dilutes exhaled CO2 from occupants and so the CO2 concentration in a space is often used to help indicate ventilation rates. CO2 concentrations regularly greater than 1500ppm are indicative of poorly ventilated spaces and attention should be given to improving the outside air provision to such spaces”.

What do the CIBSE have to say about CO2 Monitors?

Measurements of elevated CO2 levels in indoor air are an effective method of identifying poor ventilation in multi-occupant spaces. However, in low occupancy or large volume spaces a low level of CO2 cannot necessarily be used as an indicator that ventilation is sufficient to mitigate transmission risks.

Multi-occupant spaces that are used regularly and are poorly ventilated (below 5 l/s/person or above 1500ppm CO2 for prolonged periods) should be identified and prioritised for improved ventilation rates.

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