Flir CM82

Flir CM82
600A TRMS RMS AC/DC Clamp Power Meter

The Flir CM82 is a low cost and current clamp with special power monitoring functions.

What we like: First of all it’s a good quality low cost True RMS AC/DC Current Clamp with all the normal clamp measurements like AC/DC current, voltage & resistance but then we have Active Power measurements from 10kW to 600kW, inrush current and harmonic distortion mode plus power factor measurements. That’s four additional measurement features not normally found on a current clamp that are very useful for the industrial electrical engineer. It’s also got a powerful LED lamp bright enough to serve as a primary work light!
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Flir CM82 Features
  • Power and power factor measurement
  • Display peak In‐rush current captured within first 100ms
  • Work light - bright enough to serve as a primary work light
  • Auto AC/DC 600.0 A capability and selection
  • Auto AC/DC 1000 V capability and selection
  • True RMS reading in AC and AC+DC mode
  • Large LCD display with Analog bar graph
  • Auto resistance/continuity/diode selection
  • Total harmonic distortion and 1 to 25 harmonics
  • Phase rotation Indication
  • 100kΩ resistance capability
  • Non‐contact voltage detector
  • Frequency measurement of current or voltage
  • Capacitance capability
  • Smart data hold
  • Peak hold for current and voltage
  • DCA zero function improves accuracy of DC current measurements
  • Capture minimum/maximum and average measurements
  • VFD mode – Low‐pass filter
  • Auto power off
  • Jaw opening 37 mm (1.45")
  • Drop‐proof up to 1.2m
  • Safety Category Rating: CAT IV‐600V, CAT III‐1000V
Flir CM82 Description
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