Fluke 279 FC/iFlex

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Fluke 279 FC/iFlex
True RMS Digital Multimeter Plus Thermal Imaging Camera & Fluke Connect Transmission

The Fluke 279 FC True RMS Digital Multimeter is the first multimeter to have a built-in Thermal Imaging Camera.

What we like: Well we think the 279 FC is easily Fluke’s best ever hand held test tool! OK we have to admit it’s the built-in Thermal Camera that really makes it special but it’s no gimmick, it is a cracking True RMS Multimeter with a great accuracy specification monitoring AC/DC Voltages up to 100V and it’s also the first multimeter to accept Fluke’s new iFLEX Flexible Current Probes which extends its range to cover AC current up to 2500A! It’s also got Fluke connect so you can transmit test results wirelessly to your smart phone and then on to your team members or produce test reports. It’s just great, you’ve got to have one!
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