Fluke 566

Fluke 566
Easy to use IR Thermometer Range up to 650C at up to 4.5m Save 20 test results to memory.

The Fluke 566 Infrared Thermometer is so compact and simple to use you just hold, depress the trigger and you can start searching using the sight laser as a guide, release the trigger and this holds the last temperature on the digital display. You can measure the surface temperature accurately from within 4.5 meters.

What we like: Is that when you need to check the temperature of a machine, bearing, motor, cabinet, air conditioning unit, radiator in fact anything you just simply hold and point the unit, depress the trigger and you start measuring the temperature of whatever you are pointing at, your measurement location and area being measured is indicated by the red laser. You can just search for hotspots or scan an area, release the trigger and it holds the last reading, and you can then check the min, max, average and even the difference between min and max temperature for the area scanned. You can also set an alarm that gives you a visual and audible signal it’s a great feature for scanning a product/system looking for over temperature problems. You can even save up to 20 temperature tests to memory if required. You can even use external Type-K thermocouples the display will then show the normal IR temperature reading plus the type K thermocouple reading. The Fluke 566 Digital Infrared Thermometer is just a great versatile temperature measuring tool.
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