Fluke v3001 FC Kit

Fluke v3001 FC Kit
Wireless Digital Multimeter Complete with v3001 wireless DC Voltage Module

In this Kit the Fluke 3000 FC Wireless Digital Multimeter is combined with the Fluke v3001 FC wireless DC Voltage Module.

What we like: Well the specification on this product is pretty much the same as the Fluke 177 one of Flukes leading multimeters so that’s a great start but then you add ‘Fluke Connect’ features you have got what can only be described as a next generation product. You can add a range of modules that would enable you to monitor 3 phase voltage or current plus temperature. We are sure that the ‘Fluke Connect’ features will catch on as engineers begin to use and benefit from ‘Fluke Connect’ products enabling them to do much more with a multimeter than was possible before ‘Fluke Connect’. Buy one today and join a growing group of professional engineers using ‘Fluke Connect’ test tools.
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Fluke v3001 FC Kit Features
  • Fluke Connect See it, Save it, Share it. All possible with Fluke Connect products.
  • Monitor 3 phase systems via wireless current clamps/sensors and voltage modules.
  • True RMS for accurate AC measurements on non-linear loads
  • 0.09% Basic accuracy for DC volts
  • 1.0% Basic accuracy for AC volts
  • 0 to 1000V AC/DC down to 0.1mV resolution
  • 0 to 400mA AC/DC down to 0.01mA resolution
  • Resistance Measurement, Continuity & Diode Test
  • Frequency and Capacitance Measurements
  • Min-Max-Average recording mode with Min/Max Alert function
  • Auto and Manual ranging for added user functionality
  • Display Hold and Auto Hold
  • Backlit display allows for easy visibility in low-lit areas
  • Ergonomic designed case with integrated protective holster
  • Selectable sleep mode protects battery Life
  • Complies with EN61010 Safety Standard
  • Highest Measurement Safety Category CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V
Fluke v3001 FC Kit Description
Fluke v3001 FC Kit Test Kit Includes
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