Fluke VR1710

Fluke VR1710
Simple AC Voltage Logger

The Fluke VR1710 Voltage Logger is so simple to use you just have to plug it into your AC mains supply socket and start the monitoring process.

What we like: If you want a simple to use plug in AC voltage logger then the Fluke VR1710 voltage quality recorder is the ideal tool.  It can be pre-configured and then sent to a site where voltage issues are a suspected cause of disturbances, plugged it in to a mains socket and it will begin recording with no additional intervention.  On return the unit can be connected to a PC using a standard USB cable and the measurement data downloaded using the supplied Fluke Power Log Software, this then provides you with a wealth of information including RMS Voltage, Statistics, Transient Waveforms, Frequency, Flicker & Harmonics. Standard power quality reports can also be produced using pre-designed templates.
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Fluke VR1710 Features
  • Fast and easy recording of voltage supply levels and trends.
  • Extremely easy to use – Plug directly into the mains power socket and start capturing voltage supply data.
  • Continuous recording of all values and events with no gaps.
  • Clear graphical summary of data and quick overview of key power quality parameters.
  • Statistical analysis of single phase voltage events - Reduces analysis time by tracking event quantities and magnitudes.
  • Min, Max, and Average RMS values (1/4 cycle) with time stamp.
  • Actual transient display (>100 μs) with time stamp – Identify power quality issues quickly with included graphical software
  • Flicker recording to EN 61000-4-15, individual harmonic and THD values with trends – Easily identify if the problem is power supply quality or equipment related.
  • Includes PowerLog software package for quick download, analysis, and automatic reporting – Save time by generating power quality reports automatically with pre-set templates.
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