GMC-I Prosys ACP 3003-3/24

GMC-I Prosys ACP 3003-3/24
3 Phase AC Pro-Flex Current Probe with selectable range 10/100/1000A. Max cable diameter 190mm

GMC-I Prosys ACP1003-3/24 3 Phase AC Pro-Flex Current Probe with BNC connection suitable for Data Loggers, Oscilloscopes & Power Quality Analyzers.

What we like: The GMC-I Prosys ACP1003-3/3 3 Phase AC Pro-Flex Current Probe with its selectable current range at 30, 300 or 3000A is ideally suitable for use with Data Loggers, Oscilloscopes & Power Quality Analyzers and is fitted with a standard BNC connector it covers a frequency range of 10Hz to 10kHz and a max conductor diameter of 190mm and offers excellent accuracy and long battery life.
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GMC-I Prosys ACP 3003-3/24 Features
  • Compact space saving 3 phase Pro-Flex AC current Probes
  • Superior measurement range from 100mA...3000A
  • Basic accuracy @ 30A +/- 1% of reading +/- 0.1A
  • Basic accuracy @ 300A +/- 1% of reading +/- 1.0A
  • Basic accuracy @ 3000A +/- 1% of reading +/- 1.0A
  • Output sensitivity 30/300/3000A = 100mV/10mV/1mV/A
  • Range selection by robust rotary switch
  • Frequency range 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Probe cable diameter: 9.9mm
  • Probe cable Length: 610mm
  • Max code diameter 190mm
  • Connection cable Length: 2m
  • 2000 Hours continuous battery life
  • Low battery and range overload indication
  • Rogowski coil head connection sealed to IP65
  • External power supply option
  • Complies with EN61010 safety standard
  • Highest safety category at CAT IV 600V /CAT III 1000V
GMC-I Prosys ACP 3003-3/24 Description
GMC-I Prosys ACP 3003-3/24 Test Kit Includes
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