Gossen Mavo-Monitor USB

Gossen Mavo-Monitor USB
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High Precision Luminance Meter for Contact Measurement

Gossen Mavo-Monitor USB Precision Luminance Meter for the contact measurement of luminous or backlit surfaces. This high precision luminance meter for contact measurement is assigned to class B in accordance with DIN 5032-7, appendix B of DIN EN 13032-1 and measures the perceived light of back-lighted surfaces in candelas per square meter (cd/m²) or foot-lamberts (fL).

What we like: The Gossen Mavo-Monitor USB is a simple to use luminance meter to test the quality and effectiveness of CRT/LCD monitors, TV screens, light boxes, light panels and backlight advertising and traffic signs. Simply place the measuring sensor of the Gossen Mavo-Monitor Digital Luminance Meter directly on the luminous or backlit surface to measure its luminance.
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Gossen Mavo-Monitor USB Features
  • Easy to operate hand held unit.
  • Luminance measurement range 0.01cd/m² to 19,990cd/m²
  • 4 ranges with a resolution down to 0.01cd/m².
  • Internal Memory view up to 100 saved luminance measurements and download via USB.
  • Supplied with aluminium carry case.
Gossen Mavo-Monitor USB Description
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