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Gossen Metrawatt Profitest Prime ACElectrical Equipment & Machinery Tester for BS EN 60204-1 & BS EN 61439-1Gossen Metrawatt Profitest Prime AC£4399.00 Ex VATGossen Metrawatt Seculife STPortable Appliance Tester for Testing Domestic, Commercial and Medical Electrical EquipmentGossen Metrawatt Seculife ST£3999.00 Ex VATGossen Metrawatt Profitest PrimeElectrical Equipment & Machinery TesterGossen Metrawatt Profitest Prime£3599.00 Ex VATMetrahit 27EX AIRBUS Ex Certified Milliohmmeter approved by AIRBUS specifically for Aviation Bond & Wick TestingMetrahit 27EX AIRBUS £3169.00 Ex VATMetrahit 27EXEx Certified Milliohmmeter designed for safe use within Potentially Explosive AtmospheresMetrahit 27EX£3149.00 Ex VATGossen Metrawatt Secutest SIII+Portable Appliance Tester for Testing Domestic and Commercial Electrical EquipmentGossen Metrawatt Secutest SIII+£2159.00 Ex VATMetraCal MCMultifunctional Calibrator & Multimeter offers Measurement & Simulation of Process Signals MetraCal MC£1299.00 Ex VATMetrahit 27iPrecision Milliohmmeter and High Resistance Insulation Tester with Multimeter Functions.Metrahit 27i£1279.00 Ex VATMetrahit 27iPrecision Insulation Resistance TesterMetrahit 27i£1199.00 Ex VATMetrahit 27MPrecision Milliohmmeter with Multimeter FunctionsMetrahit 27M£979.00 Ex VATMetrahit CALMultifunctional Calibrator Source and Simulate a full range of Process Signals Metrahit CAL£929.00 Ex VATMetrahit ISO AeroTrue RMS Industrial Multimeter, Low Voltage Insulation Tester, Temp Meter plus Data LoggerMetrahit ISO Aero£849.00 Ex VATMetrahit EnergyPortable Power & Energy Monitoring MulitmeterMetrahit Energy£799.00 Ex VATMetrahit EnergyTRMS Industrial Multimeter for Power Monitoring. Basic Accuracy 0.02%. Triple Display. Data LoggerMetrahit Energy£720.00 Ex VATMetriso TechInsulation Resistance Tester at 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V Insulation Resistance 200GΩMetriso Tech£669.00 Ex VATMetrahit ISOTrue RMS Industrial Multimeter, Insulation Tester, Temperature Meter plus Data LoggerMetrahit ISO£619.00 Ex VATMetrahit ISOTrue RMS Industrial Multimeter, Insulation Tester, Temperature Meter plus Data Logger.Metrahit ISO£619.00 Ex VATMetrahit PM PrimeIndustrial Multimeter True RMS AC, DC & AC+DC. Basic Accuracy 0.02%. Triple Display. Data Logger.Metrahit PM Prime£559.00 Ex VATA2000 ModbusMultifunctional Panel Meter with up to 4 analogue & 2 digital outputsA2000 Modbus£545.00 Ex VATMetrahit OutdoorTrue RMS Industrial Multimeter Dust & Water-Proof to IP65. Basic Accuracy 0.05%Metrahit Outdoor£479.00 Ex VATMetriso IntroInsulation Resistance Tester Test at 250V, 500V & 1000V Insulation Resistance 100GΩMetriso Intro£449.00 Ex VATMetrahit AM XtraIndustrial Multimeter True RMS AC, DC & AC+DC. Basic Accuracy 0.05%. Data Logging Function.Metrahit AM Xtra£419.00 Ex VATU1389+M3 Phase 4 Wire for use with CT's + Additional Display FunctionsU1389+M£335.00 Ex VATU1387+M3 Phase 3 Wire for use with CT's + Additional Display FunctionsU1387+M£329.00 Ex VATU1289+M3 Phase 4 Wire Direct Current up to 65A + Additional Display FunctionsU1289+M£325.00 Ex VATMetrahit AM ProIndustrial Multimeter True RMS AC, DC & AC+DC. Basic Accuracy 0.05% Metrahit AM Pro£309.00 Ex VATU13893 Phase 4 Wire for use with CT's U1389£305.00 Ex VATMetrahit KC27Milliohmmeter Kelvin Probes designed for accurate low resistance measurementMetrahit KC27£299.00 Ex VATU13873 Phase 3 Wire for use with CT'sU1387£299.00 Ex VATU12893 Phase 4 Wire Direct Current up to 65AU1289£295.00 Ex VATU1381+MSingle Phase for use with CT's + Additional Display FunctionsU1381+M£265.00 Ex VATU1281+MSingle Phase Direct Current up to 65A + Additional Display FunctionsU1281+M£259.00 Ex VATU1381Single Phase for use with CT'sU1381£235.00 Ex VATU1281Single Phase Direct Current up to 65AU1281£229.00 Ex VATGossen Metrawatt USB-Xtra Infrared to USB Interface for Metrahit multimeters with data logging functionsGossen Metrawatt USB-Xtra £189.00 Ex VATGossen Metrawatt MetraWIN 10Software for data logging Gossen Metrawatt multimeters. Review data & produce reportsGossen Metrawatt MetraWIN 10£179.00 Ex VATGossen Metrawatt 1081Special Measurement Probe for measuring the resistance of floor coverings to EN 1081Gossen Metrawatt 1081£165.00 Ex VATMetrahit KC4Milliohmmeter Kelvin Clips designed for accurate low resistance measurementMetrahit KC4£159.00 Ex VATMetrahit 2+True RMS AC/DC Multimeter with High Basic Accuracy of 0.05% Metrahit 2+£159.00 Ex VATGossen Metrawatt Z550ARemote control test probe for use with Metriso INTRO & TECH Insulation TestersGossen Metrawatt Z550A£149.00 Ex VATMetrahit WZ12DMetrahit AC Current Clamp 30mA...150AMetrahit WZ12D£149.00 Ex VATMetrahit WZ12BMetrahit AC Current Clamp 10mA...100AMetrahit WZ12B£145.00 Ex VATMetrahit ACPS1Metrahit AC Power SupplyMetrahit ACPS1£119.00 Ex VATGossen Metrawatt Z550CSoft carry case suitable for Metriso Insulation Testers and their test lead setsGossen Metrawatt Z550C£89.00 Ex VATMetraline DM62Compact True RMS Multimeter, Voltage, Current, Resistance, Temp, Frequency, & CapacitanceMetraline DM62£79.00 Ex VATHC30Hard Carry CaseHC30£69.00 Ex VATMetrahit - HHTPSMetrahit Hand Held Surface Temperature ProbeMetrahit - HHTPS£65.00 Ex VATMetrahit KS-CSpecial Metriso lead set with black lead shielded to aid high GΩ resistance measurements Metrahit KS-C£51.00 Ex VATMetrahit - SSTPMetrahit Stainless Steel Oven Temp ProbeMetrahit - SSTP£49.00 Ex VATMetrahit - HHTPLMetrahit Hand Held Liquid Temperature ProbeMetrahit - HHTPL£49.00 Ex VATMetrahit - HHTPAMetrahit Hand Held Air Temperature ProbeMetrahit - HHTPA£49.00 Ex VATMetrahit KS29Special lead set designed for Metrahit Energy & MetraCAL CAT III 1000V/CATIV 600V 16AMetrahit KS29£45.00 Ex VATMetrahit - PTFETPMetrahit PTFE Water Proof Temp ProbeMetrahit - PTFETP£44.00 Ex VATMetrahit Hit ClipMetrahit magnetic or belt support kit offers hands free support for your multimeterMetrahit Hit Clip£39.00 Ex VATMetrahit KS244m extension test lead set, Is suitable for use with the KS17-2 & KS17-4 lead setsMetrahit KS24£36.00 Ex VATMetrahit KS17-4Test lead set for use with the Metriso Insulation Testers. CAT III 1000V/CATIV 600V 16AMetrahit KS17-4£35.00 Ex VATMetrahit KY95-3Snap-on Alligator Clips set in red & black designed for use with KS17-2 & KS17-4 lead setMetrahit KY95-3£34.00 Ex VATMetrahit KS17-2Premier lead set designed for Gossen Metrawatt Multimeters CAT III 1000V/CATIV 600V, 16AMetrahit KS17-2£30.00 Ex VATMetrahit SCCAPMetrahit Soft Carry Case with additional pouchMetrahit SCCAP£16.00 Ex VATMetrahit SCCMetrahit Soft Carry CaseMetrahit SCC£12.00 Ex VATBNC-M4BNC Connector to M4 ConversionBNC-M4£8.00 Ex VAT
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