Gossen Metrawatt Profitest Prime

Gossen Metrawatt Profitest Prime
Gossen Metrawatt
Electrical Equipment & Machinery Tester

The Gossen Metrawatt Profitest Prime (M506A) is an ideal test instrument for testing a range of electrical equipment and machinery, including AC and DC systems, machinery, switchgear and control-gear assemblies, Industrial systems, wind power turbines, power generators and e-mobility charging stations.

What we like: After connecting the test leads to the system to be tested you simply select the test to be performed via the rotary switch, you then work your way through the tests required without having to re-connect any further cables. All of the test covered in the feature list below are selected via the rotary switch and performed by the push of a button. This unit doesn’t have High Voltage (HV) AC or DC test function so is mainly suitable for testing assembled systems where HV testing has already been carried out on the individual components, or where a dielectric discharge test isn’t a requirement, please consider the Profitest Prime AC if these additional tests are required.
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