Gossen Metrawatt Secutest SIII+

Gossen Metrawatt Secutest SIII+
Gossen Metrawatt
Secutest SIII+ Portable Appliance Tester - UK M7010-B2-C1-F0-G0-J0-KA0-KB0-KD0-KE0

You have chosen the Gossen Metrawatt SECUTEST SIII+ model M7010-B2-C1-F0-G0-KA0-KB0-KD0-KE0. This model gives you the ability to carry out the following electrical safety tests; ‘Protective Conductor Resistance Test’ at 10A AC or 200mA DC, ‘Insulation Resistance Test’ at 50…500V DC and 'Equivalent Leakage Current Test’ 0…120mA.

What we like: The Secutest SIII+ can be purchased in a number of different configurations especially to support your test application. All you need to do is chose the correct option from the dropdown menu, we have kept this as simple as possible by offering you the most popular Secutest SIII+ options
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