Hioki 3174

Hioki 3174
Automatic 5kV AC Flash Tester & Insulation Tester at 500/1000V DC.

The Hioki 3174 Insulation & Flash tester is designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components in line with various electrical safety standards. The output voltage can be set between 200V to 5.0kV AC for the ‘AC Flash Test’ with an output capacity of 500VA and 500V or 1000V DC for the ‘Insulation Test’.

What we like: Although considered a low-cost solution this robust tester is designed for bench top use or as part of an automated test system. It even has test connection points on the rear of the panel for applications where the units is mounted in an enclosure. It also features contact check functionality as well as a stabilized power supply to improve test reliability.
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Hioki 3174 Features
  • A single continuous test for insulation and withstand voltage can be carried out using the ‘continuous Test Mode’
  • Save up to 8 pre-set test functions to meet your own test criterion or manufacturing standards for insulation and withstand voltage
  • With the use a PWM switched power supply precise test voltage can be set without having to rely on the unit’s mains power voltage supply.
  • All test parameters can be controlled via the RS-232C interface, including test voltage, cut-off current, and resistance threshold plus timer durations.
  • Includes built-in pass-fail comparator and timer functions for easy compliance testing to various safety standards.
  • Flashing warning lamp during testing whenever high voltage is present.
  • To ensure safety during automatic testing, test output can be interrupted and testing inhibited by input signals from automatic sensing devices.
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