Hioki 3333

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Hioki 3333
Single Phase AC Power Meter Direct Connection up to 300V & 30A

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The Hioki 3333 is single-phase, direct input AC power meters is designed to precisely measure the power consumption of electrical household appliances and components. It is able to measure and display voltage, current, active power, apparent power and power factor. This product will help you demonstrate your compliance with the eco-design criteria of the ErP Directive.

What we like: The Hioki 3333 Power Meter allows you to change the power meters display to show the variables that you are wish to monitor. It also offers three 0…2V DC analogue outputs that are proportional to the measured voltage, current and active power, these can support external data loggers or production control systems. It offers a good basic accuracy for voltage, current and active power at ±0.1% rdg ± 0.2%fs.
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Hioki 3333 Features
  • Power meter monitoring range 0…200V AC, 0…20A AC, 0…6kW.
  • Low current monitoring down to 10µA on lowest range 0…50.00mA with effective measurement from 5…50.00mA
  • 6 current measurement ranges from 0…50.00mA to 0…20A all with effective measurement range from 10%...150%.
  • Basic accuracy for voltage, current and active power is ±0.1% rdg ± 0.2%fs
  • Select the measured variables to be displayed across three x 4 digit displays.
  • Set VT & CT ratios so that so that there is no limit to your measurement range.
  • Wide power supply 100…240V AC
  • RS-232C Interface included as standard allows you to communicate with PC
  • Simply process date into Excel spread sheet.
  • GP-IB Interface option available – Model number: Hioki 3333-01
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