Hioki 3511-50

Hioki 3511-50
LCR Meter Measurement Frequency Range fixed at either 120Hz or 1kHz

Hioki’s LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers offer a measurement frequency test range from 1mHz to 8MHz. Test Fixtures & Probes are designed to support a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The Hioki 3511-50 is a compact, general purpose LCR meter with two fixed measurement frequencies either 120Hz or 1kHz and is suitable for on-board testing of capacitors and coils used in electrical equipment and devices such as automotive-related components.

What we like: The Hioki 3511-50 LCR Meter features both high performance, high-speed measurements with a low prices. It allows components to be tested at two popular fixed measurement frequencies enabling simple online or R&D testing. Up to 99 sets of measurement conditions, including comparator values, provide rapid response to constantly changing components on flexible production lines. These conditions can also be externally switched via the external I/O.
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Hioki 3511-50 Features
  • Selectable measurement frequency at either 120Hz or 1kHz selectable
  • High speed measurement at 5ms (1 kHz) or 13ms (120 Hz)
  • The seven parameters |Z|, R, θ, C, L, D, and Q can be measured.
  • The standard RS-232C interface allows all measurement functions can be controlled from a PC.
  • The unit can also be controlled via the external I/O.
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