Hioki 8423

Hioki 8423
Multi Channel Data Logger Up to 600 Channels monitoring Voltage, Temp, Pulse, Alarm

The Hioki 8423 multi-channel data logger offers up to 600 channels for the measurement and logging via add-on measurement units covering DC voltage, Temperature via thermocouples or pt100 platinum resistance temperature sensors, Digital/Pulse signals plus Alarm unit. Each measurement unit offers 15 channels and up to 8 units can be added to the Hioki 8423 main units giving a total of 120 channels in a single package 5 of these data logging packages can be linked and synchronised to give you up to 600 channels.

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Hioki 8423 Features
  • The most flexible research and development data logging package available.
  • Up to 600 measurement variables, digital signals or alarms can be monitored.
  • Record up to 600 channels at recording intervals as fast as 10ms.
  • Different measurement sampling intervals can be set for each module saving memory space and reducing unnecessary data.
  • USB and LAN terminals enable the Hioki 8423 to be connected to a PC transferring measurement data in real time.
  • Data can also be transferred to CF cards in real time.
  • Real time data transfer to Excel
  • External control inputs are available to trigger and control start and stop measurements.
  • Record for hours, days, months and yes even years!
  • Measure and record voltage levels up to 100V DC.
  • Measure and record temperature from type K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B & W thermocouples and pt100 platinum resistance temperature sensors.
  • Digital/Pulse unit enables the recording of total/rotation counts and Hi/Low logic measurements.
  • Alarm unit allows an alarm to be set when a measurement value is reached on any input channel.
  • Logging process transmitter signals such as mA, pressure and flow is possible via the DC Voltage inputs.
  • Scaling of analogue signals is possible across all channels
  • Analyse measurements after monitoring via the free Logger Utility Software.
  • Power supplied via AC mains adapter.
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