Hioki BT3563

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Hioki BT3563
Battery Tester for Testing Battery Cells & Packs up to 300V with RS-232C Interface

You have chosen the Hioki BT3563 Battery HiTESTER this product enables you to simultaneous measure the internal resistance and battery voltage of individual battery cells and high voltage battery packs up to 300V. This option offers RS-232C interface.

What we like: The Hioki BT3563 is a compact benchtop battery tester suitable for the laboratory test area or production test facility it offers simultaneous measurement of both internal resistance and battery voltage. It offers 7 resistance ranges of 0…3.0000mΩ up to 0…3000.0Ω, with a voltage range up to 300V. This covers all individual battery cells and high voltage battery packs.
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Hioki BT3563 Features
  • Seven resistance measurement from 0…3.0000mΩ and 0…3000.0Ω with a resolution down to 0.1µΩ
  • Three voltage measurement ranges are offered at 0…6.00000V, 60.0000V & 300.000V with a resolution down to 10µV ideal for precision cell voltage measurements.
  • This unit is suitable for the research and development of different battery chemistries along with the most popular lithium-ion cells.
  • A DC voltage analogue output allows you to recorded changes of resistance values during discharge testing.
  • High accuracy 4 terminal resistance measurement with kelvin clips or specially designed kelvin probes.
  • Store up to 400 measurement values by external trigger input, for bulk transfer to a computer.
  • Comparator judgement settings can be made for resistance and voltage measurements these can be display or transmitted via external I/O.
  • Measurement data can be transferred to a PC for importing to a spreadsheet program or storage as CSV files.
  • Options are available for both RS-232C and GP-IB interface communication.
  • There are a range of measurement leads available for this product please see accessories tab below
Hioki BT3563 Description
Hioki BT3563 Test Kit Includes
Hioki BT3563 Accessories (8)    
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