Hioki IM3523

Hioki IM3523
LCR Meter Measurement Frequency Range DC & 40Hz to 200kHz

Hioki’s LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers offer a measurement frequency test range from 1mHz to 8MHz. Test Fixtures & Probes are designed to support a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The Hioki IM3523 is a compact, low cost LCR meter with measurement frequencies range of 40Hz to 200kHz. In addition to normal open-loop signal generation, this model enables voltage/current dependent measurement in constant voltage/current modes. The signal levels can be set over wide ranges from 5mV to 5V and from 10μA to 50mA.

What we like: The Hioki IM3523 LCR Meter features both high performance, high-speed measurements with a very cost effective price when compared to the measurement functions offered. It allows components to be tested over a measurement frequency range of 40Hz to 200kHz. A simple user interface is provided with a high-contrast graphic LCD display, function keys, and numeric keypad. The application software can be used to calculate the basic accuracy. Just enter the measurement conditions and measurement result and the measurement accuracy will be displayed.
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Hioki IM3523 Features
  • Measurement frequency range DC or 40Hz to 200kHz.
  • High speed measurement at 2ms
  • 14 measurement parameters can be measured.
  • Standard USB connection with optional RS-232C, LAN, or GP-IB interface.
  • The unit can also be controlled via the external I/O.
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