Hioki IM3536

Hioki IM3536
LCR Meter Measurement Frequency Range DC & 4Hz to 8MHz.

The Hioki IM3536 LCR meter offers exceptional specifications and cost performance to a wide range of applications, from R&D to production lines. Measurement Frequency Range DC & 4Hz to 8MHz and in addition to normal open-loop signal generation, this model enables voltage/current dependent measurement in constant voltage/current modes. The signal levels can be set over wide ranges from 10mV to 5V and from 10μA to 100mA.

What we like: The IM3536 LCR Meter enables measurement conditions to be varied over a wide range, for example to analyse a coil’s resonance point while varying the frequency or to perform measurement while changing the measurement signal during evaluation of a sample that exhibits signal dependency. Ideal for use in R&D work requiring a wide range of measurement conditions and for evaluation of devices under conditions of actual use. The bundled application software allows you to save measurement data from the LCR meter as a Microsoft Excel or CSV text file. A colour touch screen LCD display with intuitive operational features makes the unit easier to use understand and operate.
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Hioki IM3536 Features
  • Measurement frequency range DC or 4Hz to 8MHz.
  • DC bias function; Measure under conditions sumulating actual use or in accordance with industry standards.
  • 17 measurement parameters can be measured.
  • Standard USB, RS-232C, LAN, or GP-IB interface.
  • The unit can also be controlled via the external I/O.
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