Hioki IM3570

Hioki IM3570
LCR Analyzer with Frequency Range DC & 4Hz to 5MHz plus Sweep Function & Graphical Display.

The Hioki IM3570 Impedance Analyzer combines LCR meter functions and an impedance analyzer capable of measurement frequencies of 4Hz to 5MHz and test signal levels of 5mV to 5V and from 10μA to 100mA. Advanced capabilities include LCR measurement with AC signals, resistance measurement with direct current (Rdc), and sweep measurement which continuously changes the measurement frequency and measurement level.

What we like: The Hioki IM3570 Impedance Analyzer offers so many features starting with its wide frequency, voltage and current measurement range, a total of 15 measurements parameters, incorporates contact check, The comprehensive sweep functions in conjunction with the analyzer mode and graphical display allows you to view the frequency sweep data on the screen. Add the Hioki IM9000 optional firmware upgrade and this will allow you to facilitate Cole-Cole plots, simple circuit analysis and detailed acceptance/rejection decisions.
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Hioki IM3570 Features
  • Single instrument offers high-speed testing with frequency sweep and high-accuracy measurements.
  • Measurement frequency range DC or 4Hz to 5MHz.
  • Low-capacitance (high-impedance) measurement with improved stability.
  • 15 measurement parameters can be measured.
  • Standard USB, RS-232C, LAN, or GP-IB interface.
  • Optional Hioki IM9000 firmware upgrade allows you to facilitate Cole-Cole plots & simple circuit analysis.
Hioki IM3570 Description
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