Hioki LR8410-20

Hioki LR8410-20
Wireless Data Logger - Multi Channel 15 to 105 Voltage, Temp & Resistance

The Hioki LR8410-20 Multi Channel Wireless Data Logging display unit offers the user the ability to capture data at a central point away from the wired measurement units using Bluetooth wireless technology. Up to 7 wired measurement units can now be placed much closer to the test area this enables the user to monitor up to 105 measured test points without the need for the sensor wires tracing all the way back to the display unit.

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Hioki LR8410-20 Features
  • Compact data logger with large LCD display.
  • Up to 105 measurement points can be monitored.
  • Up to 7 measurement units can be located up to 30 meters away from the logging unit.
  • The test data is logged using a high-speed sampling process scanning all channels every 100ms.
  • Widescreen bright LCD display for live waveform monitoring
  • SD card and USB drive data storage options for long term monitoring.
  • Record for hours, days, months and yes even years!
  • Record voltage levels up to 100V DC.
  • Record temperature from type K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B & W thermocouples.
  • Logging process transmitter signals such as pressure and flow is possible via the DC Voltage unit.
  • Scaling of analogue signals is possible across all channels
  • Analyse measurements after monitoring either on the logger or via software after download.
  • Power supplied via AC mains adapter or optional battery pack.
  • Communication interface includes both LAN and USB. 
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