Hioki MR8847-53

Hioki MR8847-53
Robust Multi-Channel, Multi-Function Oscilloscope and High-Speed Recorder

The Hioki MR8847-53 Memory HiCORDER is the ultimate portable high speed multi-channel recorder. With the ability to simultaneously recording 16 isolated analogue channels at up to 20 million samples per second for high-speed data reordering & waveform monitoring. Its robust design makes it especially suitable for use by utility, industrial and process engineers looking for the ultimate recorder for monitoring their power generation, distribution and its interface with industrial plant or process control systems.

What we like: The Hioki MR8847-53 is the ultimate portable high-speed, high-spec, high-quality recorder most engineers would wish to use to capture a complete range of analogue and digital signal at up to 1000V DC and 700V AC but surprisingly Hioki have designed this instrument so that it’s just as welcome in the world’s most dynamic research & development labs.
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Hioki MR8847-53 Features
  • Supports a wide variety of measurements with a total of 13 plug-in modules
  • High-speed sampling up to 20 million samples per second
  • Up to 16 fully isolated analogue input channels.
  • Oscilloscope waveform observation with sampling at 0.05µs intervals.
  • Monitor frequency characteristics from DC to 5MHz.
  • Maximum allowable input of 1000V with a frequency range of DC to 100kHz.
  • Waveform and RMS data can be converted to CSV files using Wave Viewer Software.
  • Drop-in paper loading and one-touch setup, along with high-speed 50mm/s printing
  • A full range of AC/DC current clamps can also be supplied to support your monitoring requirements.
  • Power supply 100…240V AC adaptor or optional 10-28V factory fitted DC Power unit.
  • Compact design 351mm x 261mm x 140mm and it weighs less than 10kg when fully loaded!
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