Hioki MR8875

Hioki MR8875
Compact Multi-Channel, Multi-Function High-Speed Data Logger

The Hioki MR8875 offers the potential to record a mixture of AC/DC signals up to 1000V DC & 700V AC, you can then chose to read the instantaneous value and monitor waveforms at a sample rate up to 500,000 samples/second or the RMS value across a maximum of 8 channels. You also have the opportunity to record up to 60 channels of DC voltage inputs at up to 100V or 60 temperature points via thermocouples or mix your test requirements from a choice of 5 input modules.

What we like: The Hioki MR8875 multifunctional recorder as the ability to handle both high voltage DC and AC signals monitoring either the instantaneous waveform or RMS value. You can then us the same recorder to monitor up to 60 DC voltage inputs at up to 100V or temperature from 60 thermocouples or you can do a mixture of all such measurements. The Intuitive touch screen interface and 8.4” high brightness TFT colour display improves user experience and efficiency.
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Hioki MR8875 Features
  • Oscilloscope waveform observation from this compact multifunctional device with sampling at 2µs intervals.
  • Maximum allowable input of 1000V with a frequency range of DC to 100kHz.
  • Record instantaneous DC or RMS waveform measurement with Hioki MR8905 Analog Unit.
  • RMS data can be converted to CSV files using Wave Viewer Software.
  • Multi-channel thermocouple temperature measurement is possible from up 60 channels at 50µs sample rate.
  • Monitor AC mains voltage and current over long periods of time, for weeks, months even years saving data direct to SD Card.
  • Save directly to the SD Card in real time for uninterrupted long-term logging.
  • Intuitive touch screen interface improves user experience and efficiency.
  • A full range of AC/DC current clamps can also be supplied to support your monitoring requirements.
  • Power supply options include 100…240V AC adaptor or battery pack, both supplied with unit.
  • Compact design 298mm x 224mm x 84mm and it weighs in at less than 2kg with battery pack fitted!
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