Hioki MR8880-20

Hioki MR8880-20
Compact Rugged Portable 4 Channel Waveform Oscilloscope & High Speed Recorder

The Hioki MR8880-20 Memory HiCORDER is the most compact recorder of its type, it offers four isolated analogue channels rated at 600V AC/DC and up to 8 logic input channels. High-speed recording at up to one million samples per second is possible. Internal memory is backed up via compact flash with up to 2 GB capacity this enables simple data transferred for display and analysis on a personal computer. An external USB 2.0 port is included for direct transfer of data from the installed CF card to the computer.

What we like: The Hioki MR8880-20 is ideal for recording the instantaneous waveform of AC power systems, or for monitoring and recording the DC or RMS value of AC voltage and current over long periods of time continually recording for days, weeks, months, even a year’s worth of data! Capture waveform date and view directly on the instruments screen or download to your PC and view via the Wave Processor software supplied with the tester.
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Hioki MR8880-20 Features
  • Oscilloscope waveform observation from this compact device recording at 1 million samples per second.
  • Maximum allowable input of 600V with a frequency range of DC to 100kHz.
  • Copy and save waveform data to CF card and them scroll through and view on screen just like a digital camera.
  • Monitor AC mains voltage and current over long periods of time, for weeks, months even years saving data direct to CF Card.
  • A full range of AC/DC current clamps can also be supplied to support your monitoring requirements.
  • The supplied Wave Processor software allows you to view and print out waveform data.
  • RMS data can be converted to CSV files to support report generation.
  • Power supply options include 100…240V AC adaptor or battery pack, both supplied with unit.
  • Compact design 205mm x 199mm x 67mm and it weighs in at less than 2kg with battery pack fitted!
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