Hioki PQ3100-92

Hioki PQ3100-92
Power Quality Analyzer Kit with CT7136 AC Current Sensors

The Hioki PQ3100 is the simplest solution for finding power quality issues on electrical installations, industrial machinery and process systems it also offers a wide range of event monitoring functions and display features.

What we like: Well the first thing we like about this complete test kit that Hioki have pulled together is the price! It’s much better than compiling it yourself and includes key items like the new 600A AC clamp on current sensors, 2GB SD Memory Card and a new carry case that Hioki have produce specifically for the PQ3100 PQA. This products intuitive and logical design also means you can easily access the information you need by pushing one of the six key function buttons allowing you to monitor real-time measurements, view historical trends and captured events including how many times specific events have occurred.
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Hioki PQ3100-92 Features
  • Power Quality Measurements in line with IEC61000-4-30 Class S
  • Sampling frequency 200kHz
  • Event waveform data can include up to 1 second before and 10 seconds after event.
  • Set harmonic limits to capture specific harmonic events.
  • Capture rapid voltage change (RVC) events based on IEC61000-4-15 Edition 3.
  • Display the number of times specific events have occurred during the monitored period.
  • View energy demand graph over monitored period
  • View individual harmonic trend graphs up to the 50th harmonic
  • Control the PQ3100 via the Ethernet and automatically send data to your PC via FTP
  • Built in server function can send emails as and when events occur.
  • Up to 8 hours of battery operation allows quick onsite monitoring without mains connection.
  • Complies with EN61010 Safety Standard.
  • Highest Measurement Safety Category CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V.
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