Hioki PW3198-90

Hioki PW3198-90
Portable Power Quality Analyzer - Unique 5 Stage Recording Function - Includes 9624-50 Software

The PW3198 is Hioki’s most advanced ‘Power Quality Analyzer’ with unique 5 stage recording functions covering all power quality issues. This package also includes the Hioki 9624-50 software.

What we like: The Hioki PW3198 records power quality information in 5 separate recording functions that include ‘Time Plot’ the Min/Max/Avg for each measured parameter is recorder for every measurement interval. Every power quality ‘Event’ is captured with a 200ms waveform. When a ‘Transient’ over voltage is detected a 4ms waveform captures the event. ‘RMS Fluctuations’ including swell’s, dips and interruptions are captured over a 30 second timeframe. ‘High-Order Harmonic’ events are captured with a 40ms waveform. With its gapless measurement and recording techniques it has the ability to measure and record up to 55,000 power quality events for up to 55 weeks without loss of measurement data.
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Hioki PW3198-90 Features
  • Unique 5 stage recording functions covering all power quality issues.
  • Fundamental operating frequencies include DC/50Hz/60Hz/400Hz
  • Sampling frequency 2MHz allows for high resolution waveforms to be captured.
  • When a power anomaly occurs a clear 200ms of waveform is recorded.
  • When high order harmonic events occur its captured with a 40ms waveform.
  • High voltage transient are captured with 2ms of waveform data either side of the event.
  • Display the number of times specific events have occurred during the monitored period.
  • View energy demand graph over monitored period
  • View individual harmonic and inter harmonic trend graphs up to the 50th harmonic.
  • Up to 3 hours of battery operation allows quick onsite monitoring without mains connection.
  • Complies with EN61010 Safety Standard.
  • Highest Measurement Safety Category CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V.
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