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Hioki PW3337
3 Channel AC/DC Industrial Power Meter for Measurements up to 1000V & 1000A

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The Hioki PW3337 three channel direct input AC/DC power meters is designed to precisely measure the power consumption of industrial components such as motors, inverters, power supplies, production machines and process systems with a direct current inputs up to 65A and up to 1000A via precision AC/DC current sensors its able to cover all the key industrial measurements.

What we like: The Hioki PW3337 Power Meter is designed for research and development in AC/DC power electronics and industrial power design. It’s able to handle current levels with direct connections up to 65A and via its 3 x current sensor ports and special high accuracy current sensors the current range is extended up to 1000A! All measured variables can also be monitored via a 16 channel D/A output allowing long term recording to external data loggers. It offers high levels accuracy for voltage, current and active power at ±0.1% rdg ± 0.1%fs. The integrated LAN connection allows for remote viewing and operation through a standard web browser.
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Hioki PW3337 Features
  • Power meter monitoring range 0…1000V AC/DC, 0…65A AC/DC Direct
  • The current range can be extended further to 1000A AC/DC with precision current sensors.
  • All power measurement variables can be monitored including harmonics up to the 50th.
  • Integrated current (mAh) or energy (mWh) can also be monitored.
  • High basic accuracy for voltage, current and active power is ±0.1% rdg ± 0.1%fs
  • Select the measured variables to be displayed across four x 5 digit displays.
  • Set VT & CT ratios so that so that there is no limit to your measurement range.
  • Wide power supply 100…240V AC
  • LAN & RS-232C Interface included as standard with optional GP-IB interface & D/A output.
  • Simply free software allows you to monitor your test and process date into Excel.
  • Further interface & D/A options are also available. (See additional models)
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