Hioki PW3360-21 - Test Kit

Hioki PW3360-21 - Test Kit
Power & Energy Data Logger - 3 phase power and energy data logger with harmonic measurement

The Hioki PW3360-21 adds to the Hioki PW3360-20 with Harmonic voltage level, harmonic current level, harmonic power level, content percentage, phase angle, total harmonic distortion up to 40th order.

What we like: Here we have pulled together the Hioki PW3360-21 power and energy logger with harmonic measurement and added 3 x Hioki 9661 Current Clamps with primary current rating of 500A, 2GB SD Memory Card, AC adapter, carry case with shoulder strap suitable for complete test kit, USB cable and Power Logger Viewer Software to form Hioki most popular power and energy monitoring test kit with harmonic measurements up to the 40th order.
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Hioki PW3360-21 - Test Kit Features
  • Supports single and 3 phase power and energy monitoring
  • Measures Total Harmonic Distortion up to the 40th order
  • Large bright 3.5” LCD screen displays all electrical measured variables
  • Measure up to 780V AC
  • Measure up to 500A AC via the Hioki 9661 Current Clamps supplied with this test kit.
  • Quick set function for easy setup display wiring diagram
  • Compact and robust handheld unit
  • LAN remote control feature
  • USB Download connection.
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