Hioki PW3390-01

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Hioki PW3390-01
4 Channel AC/DC Power Analyzer for measurements up to 1500V & 1000A

You have chosen the Hioki PW3390-01 standard model with USB (for Communication & Memory) plus LAN, & RS-232C interface.

The Hioki PW3390-01 four channel AC/DC power analyzer is designed to precisely measure the power consumption and more importantly the efficiency of power conversion systems used within EV/HEV electric vehicle drive trains and renewable energy generating systems such as PV power conditioners. Hioki is the only organization that manufactures both the power analyzer and the current sensors, because of their expertise in this field they are able to claim the highest certified measurement accuracies for their power measurement systems.

What we like: The Hioki PW3390 Power Analyzer is a compact precision instrument designed to support research and development in AC/DC power electronics and industrial power conversion. Special high accuracy compact AC/DC current sensors allow you to monitor high power system up to 1000A! Most companies don’t mention the accuracy of the current sensors or don’t even supply the full date they are happy to leave you in the dark! This combination of precision instrument and current sensors enables you to achieve the high accuracy levels that you require. Let us know what your measurement requirements are and we will match the PW3390 power meter with suitable sensors to meet your specification.
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Hioki PW3390-01 Features
  • Power analyzer range up to 0…1500V & 0…1000A with high accuracy current sensors.
  • Measurement frequency range DC. 0.5Hz to 200kHz.
  • Max input voltage range 0…1500V ± 2000Vpeak
  • High accuracy current and power measurements with precision current sensors.
  • Special Hioki high accuracy current sensors do not need external power supply.
  • Current sensors are suitable for wide temperature range testing at -40°C…+80°C.
  • Integrated current/power measurements supports WLTP standard tests.
  • Select screen views to cover your power analysis monitoring requirements.
  • Superior benchtop accuracy designed to be a portable, it weighs in at less than 5kg!
  • Wide power supply 100…240V AC.
  • LAN, USB & RS-232C Interface included as standard with optional D/A output. (Model PW3390-02)
  • Software allows you to monitor your measurement values and process date into Excel.
  • Optional D/A output for up to 16 measurement parameters. (Model PW3390-02)
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