Hioki RM3545

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Hioki RM3545
Super-High Precision Bench Top Resistance Meter

You have chosen the Hioki RM3545 Resistance Meter with RS232C & USB interface.

The Hioki RM3545 is a bench top super-high precision resistance meter with a wide resistance measuring range offering a basic accuracy of 0.006% and a max resolution of 0.01µΩ. There are 12 measurement ranges from 0 to 10mΩ up to 0 to 1000MΩ.

What we like: The Hioki RM3545 Resistance Meter is a simple to use precision 4 wire bench top resistance meter suitable for use within the test laboratory, service department or integrated into a production facility. There are 12 measurement ranges with a measurement resolution down to 0.01µΩ and an accuracy of better than 0.08% when measuring resistance as low as 10mΩ. Plus a D/A output converting resistance measured to a DC voltage allows for the continual recording of changing resistance.
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Hioki RM3545 Features
  • Super high accuracy resistance measurement with resolution down to 0.01µΩ
  • 4 Wire precision milliohm resistance measurement with high basic accuracy of 0.006%
  • Complete with 4-wire kelvin clips for superior contact and high accuracy measurements
  • 12 x Resistance measurement ranges from 12.00000mΩ with a resolution of 10nΩ to 1200.0MΩ
  • LED displayed comparator function for resistance pass fail indication.
  • D/A output converts resistance measurement into DC voltage output for continual recording of resistance changes.
  • Optional range of kelvin probes for low contact resistance measurement.
  • Suitable for wide power supply range from 100-240V
  • Compact bench top design just 215mm (W) x 80mm (H) x 306.5mm (D).
  • I/O and RS-232C/USB interface (Model RM3545)
  • I/O and RS-232C/USB interface and GP-IB (model RM3545-01)
  • I/O and RS-232C/USB interface and GP-IB plus 2 x bays for optional multiplexers (model RM3545-02)
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