Hioki RM3548

Hioki RM3548
High precision Milliohmmeter - Ranges from 3.5mΩ to 3.5MΩ

The Hioki RM3548 is a portable high Precision Milliohmmeter with a wide resistance measuring range offering a basic accuracy of 0.03% and a max resolution of 0.1µΩ

What we like: The Hioki RM3548 Precision Milliohmmeter is a simple to use high precision 4 wire Portable Milliohmmeter suitable for use within the service department or for field applications. This instrument is ideally suited to field applications its comfortable neck strap support the unit in front of you so that you can concentrate on making a good connection with the test probes. The RM3548 also features auto-hold and auto-memory functionality to automatically hold and record data simply by placing the probes in contact with the desired measurement point. This functionality allows up to 1000 measured values to be recorded automatically and data can then be downloaded to a spreadsheet creating simple test records.
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Hioki RM3548 Features
  • High accuracy resistance measurement with resolution down to 0.1µΩ.
  • 4 Wire precision milliohm resistance measurement with high basic accuracy of 0.03%.
  • Complete with 4-wire kelvin clips for superior contact and high accuracy measurements.
  • 10 x Resistance measurement ranges from 3.5000mΩ with a resolution of 0.0001mΩ to 3.500MΩ.
  • Memory facility to record up to 1000 resistance test and download into simple spread sheet.
  • Comparator function for resistance pass fail testing.
  • Compact portable design just 121mm (W) x 80mm (H) x 55mm (D) and weighs less than 800g.
  • Optional range of kelvin probes for low contact resistance measurement.
  • Complies with EN61010 safety standard
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