Metrahit 27EX

Metrahit 27EX
Gossen Metrawatt
Ex Certified Milliohmmeter designed for safe use within Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

Model Number: M227F

The Metrahit 27EX Milliohmmeter is a compact hand held instrument designed for the measurement of low value resistance in potentially explosive atmospheres. For example at bonding connections to aircraft fuel tanks, as well as for general low value resistance measurements in any hazardous environments where explosive gases or dust atmospheres may be present, such hazardous area conditions can be found in many of our industries such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemical Plants, Marine and Shipping plus our Food and Beverage Industries.

What we like: The Metrahit 27EX Milliohmmeter has been designed for low resistance testing of aircraft structures it’s supplied with an excellent set of Kelvin clips and probes which make it easy to obtain a good (zero) resistance connection before starting the resistance test. It’s the ideal package for checking all of the bonding points within the aircrafts structure ensuring that a continuous low resistant electrical path is maintained. It’s also suitable for use within other hazardous environments where explosive gases and dust atmospheres may be present.
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