Metrahit 27i

Metrahit 27i
Gossen Metrawatt
Combines a Portable Precision Milliohmmeter with High Resistance Insulation Tester.

The Metrahit 27i is a portable high Precision Milliohmmeter with a wide resistance measuring range offering a basic accuracy of 0.25% and a max resolution of 0.001mΩ suitable for checking low contact resistance/switchgear connections. Combined with an Insulation Resistance Test at 50V, 100V, 250V & 500V.              

What we like: No other instrument offers both 4 wire Precision Milliohmmeter and an Insulation Resistance Tester in a single unit!
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Metrahit 27i Features
  • Insulation resistance tests at 50V, 100V, 250V & 500V    
  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 3000MΩ
  • Choice of optional 4-wire Kelvin clips or probes for superior accuracy.
  • Resistance measurement 3mΩ to 30MΩ with a 0.001mΩ resolution.
  • 0.25% Basic accuracy for milliohm ranges (30mΩ to 30Ω ranges)
  • 0.1% Basic accuracy for resistance (300Ω to 3MΩ ranges)
  • 0.1% Basic accuracy for DC volts
  • 0.2% Basic accuracy for AC volts
  • Continuity & diode test with acoustic signal
  • Temperature measurement via PT100/1000 sensors
  • Frequency measurement 0.01Hz to 3KHz
  • Min/Max and display value storage
  • Data hold captures up to 1200 values
  • High contrast illuminated display.
  • Auto power off plus battery level indicator
  • EN61010 safety standard
  • CAT II 600V
  • Optional Kelvin probes for contact resistance measurement
  • Optional mains power supply for extended laboratory use
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