Metrahit 27M

Metrahit 27M
Gossen Metrawatt
Precision Milliohmmeter with Multimeter Functions

The Metrahit 27M is a portable high Precision Milliohmmeter with a wide resistance measuring range offering a basic accuracy of 0.25% and a max resolution of 0.001mΩ  suitable for checking low contact resistance/switchgear connections.

What we like: Match the Metrahit 27M high Precision Milliohmmeter with the KC27 Kelvin Probes and you have the ideal combination for testing low resistance in switchgear and other types of electrical contact assemblies where a low resistance joint is essential.
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Metrahit 27M Features
  • 4 Wire precision milliohm resistance test down to 0.001mΩ resolution
  • Choice of optional 4-wire Kelvin clips or probes for superior accuracy.
  • Resistance measurement 3mΩ to 30MΩ with a 0.001mΩ resolution.
  • 0.25% Basic accuracy for milliohm ranges (30mΩ to 30Ω ranges)
  • 0.1% Basic accuracy for resistance (300Ω to 3MΩ ranges)
  • 0.1% Basic accuracy for DC volts
  • 0.2% Basic accuracy for AC volts
  • Continuity & diode test with acoustic signal
  • Temperature measurement via PT100/1000 sensors
  • Frequency measurement 0.01Hz to 3KHz
  • Min/Max and display value storage
  • Data hold captures up to 1200 values
  • High contrast illuminated display.
  • Auto power off plus battery level indicator
  • EN61010 safety standard
  • CAT II 600V
  • Optional Kelvin probes for contact resistance measurement
  • Optional mains power supply for extended laboratory use
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