Metrahit IM E-Drive

Metrahit IM E-Drive
Metrahit IM E-Drive
Gossen Metrawatt
Special Purpose Multimeter Test Kit for Testing Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles

The Metrahit IM E-Drive is a portable high Precision Milliohmmeter with a wide resistance measuring range and test currents of 200mA and 1A offering a basic accuracy of 0.5% and a max resolution of 0.001mΩ suitable for checking the low contact resistance/grounding requirements within Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles according to UN ECE R100 5.1.2. Combined with an Insulation Resistance Test at 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V & 1000V covering the requirements of UN ECE R100 5.1.3 and then we have a precision multimeter with the highest measurement safety category of 1000V CAT III/600V CAT IV making it the most suitable instrument for testing Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles with potential high voltages present.

What we like: The Metrahit IM is the only instrument that offers both a 4 Wire Precision Milliohmmeter and an Insulation Resistance Tester in a single portable unit! The Metrahit IM E-Drive covers both low value milliohmmeter measurements and high value mega ohm insulation resistance measurements and thus covers all of the electrical circuit integrity testing required on Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles. It’s also offers a control probe so that you can start measurements while holding the probes in the contact position and then store test readings on the go which is great when you need to make lots of insulation resistance measurments at different ground test points on Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles.
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