Poultry Farm Sensors

Poultry Farm Sensors
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Aranet's Poultry Farm range of smart wireless sensors linked to a single base station, enable you to continuously monitor your Poultry Farms environment. We help you monitor important aspects of your Poultry Farms microclimate, including Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Ammonia (NH3) and Light. All from the most cost effective, robust and simple to install AgriTech Wireless Sensors. Get smart with Poultry Farm Management with support from the Aranet AgriTech Range.

Key measurement sensors include…

Aranet T Compact sensor - Wireless Sensor for Monitoring Air Temperature within the Poultry Farm

Aranet T/RH IP67 sensor - Wireless Sensor for Monitoring Air Temperature & Humidity within the Poultry Farm.

Aranet CO2 and Temperature sensor - Wireless Sensor for Monitoring CO2 Levels and Air Temperature within the Poultry Farm.

Aranet NH3 sensor kit – Wireless Sensor for Monitoring Ammonia levels within the Poultry Farm.

The Aranet Poultry Farm solution comprises wireless environmental sensors that send the sensors measurement data to the Aranet PRO base station using Aranet radio technology. The base station has an internal memory for storing data up to 10 years, a built-in web server with free software for alarms, graphing, data export, and configuration. Additionally, several base stations can be connected to the Aranet Cloud to be managed in a single dashboard for large-scale operations. The system is plug-and-play, with industry-leading installation simplicity, it can be deployed rapidly by anyone without prior IT knowledge.

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