Sineax DM5F

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Sineax DM5F
Camille Bauer
Programmable Multifunctional AC Transducer with 1 x Analogue Output (DM5F-0111-0100)

The Sineax DM5F range of programmable multifunctional transducers offer high accuracy levels across all AC measurement variables including active, reactive and apparent power. They are suitable for monitoring all measurement variables within any single or three phase AC power system. With its wide auxiliary power supply its ideally suited to either new power systems or retrofit applications.

What we like: The superfast response time down to 15…25ms for 1/2 cycle measurements (the DM5S range is 85...165ms) makes this transducer suitable for specialist applications within power generation and distribution offering ½ cycle sample rates suitable for monitoring fast changing signals
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Sineax DM5F Features
  • Monitor up to 50 AC variables including power and energy.
  • Freely assign your DC mA analogue output to the AC variable you wish to monitor.
  • Voltage and current accuracies to ± 0.12%
  • Power measurements accuracies to ± 0.2%
  • Frequency measurements accuracies to ± 0.01 Hz
  • Wide AC/DC power supply range 24…230V DC & 100…230V AC
  • Optional RS485 Modbus/RTU protocol interface is also available: order code DM5F-01111100
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