Smart-Hub Multi-Channel Data Loggers

Smart-Hub Multi-Channel Data Loggers
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The Microedge Smart-Hub is a powerful device that can either act as a USB Server bringing together data from a number of Microedge Data Loggers or a Modbus TCP gateway that turns all connected data loggers into Modbus TCP slave devices.

When the Smart-Hub acts as a USB Device Server you are able to use the SiteView software to view all data loggers connected to your local network. For remote monitoring from any location via the web you would utilise SiteView Web to access all data loggers connected to Smart-Hub's USB ports with the Smart-Hub connected to the internet via its Ethernet port. When the Smart-Hub is utilised as Modbus TCP gateway it turns all connected data loggers into Modbus TCP slave devices. Real-time readings are saved in Input Registers and made available for Modbus Masters to poll and consume.

If you can monitor the variables that you need to measure with a Microedge Data Logger then the Smart-Hub enables you to bring this data together from a number of data loggers and onto your local network without having to connect the data loggers directly to an onsite laptop or PC, access can now be gained via any PC connected to your network via the SiteView software. SiteView software is compatible with the Windows operating system. Further remote monitoring can be achieved if your network is connected to the internet, now the data can be viewed from any location using SiteView-Web software. SiteView-Web software can run under Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.

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