Tripod Electrode Probe 1081

Tripod Electrode Probe  1081
Gossen Metrawatt
Special Measurement Probe for measuring the resistance of floor coverings to EN 1081

For the measurement of the vertical & horizontal resistance of resilient, laminated and modular multilayer floor coverings either as a test piece or after insulation in line with BS EN 1081.

The Tripod Electrode Probe 1081 is designed specifically for the insulation resistance measurement of floor coverings to BS EN 1081.

The Tripod Electrode Probe 1081 can be used to measure the ‘Vertical Resistance’ through a test sample of the floor covering material, the ‘Surface Resistance’ between two loaded Tripod Electrode Probe laid on the floor covering and the ‘Electrical Earth Resistance’ between the loaded Tripod Electrode Probe 1081 placed on the laid floor or wall covering and earth.

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