Aranet CO2 & Temperature Sensor

Aranet CO2 & Temperature Sensor
Wireless Sensor for Monitoring CO2 Levels and Air Temperature within the Poultry Farm

The Aranet Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Sensor monitoring the Carbon Dioxide levels within poultry sheds is vital to bird health and performance, especially in young broiler chickens. Therefore, having the capability to monitor and identify inconsistencies throughout poultry houses, will allow producers to ensure target CO2 levels can be achieved. Increases in CO2 levels in any specific area can also be an indication that something is wrong with the air-conditioning system so even minor changes over long periods can be an indication that maintenance of the air-conditioning system or air flow needs to be reviewed.

What we like: The fact that with Aranet sensors you have the ability to simply monitor all of the conditions that are important to bird health on your farm and with CO2 monitoring it not only indicates levels that are suitable for the healthy birds but can also give you an early warning of problems with air conditioning systems. Furthermore monitoring the levels of CO2 can mean that you don’t need to use so much energy running your air-conditioning system if the CO2 levels are already at a suitable stable level.
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