CO2 Monitors for Healthcare Applications

CO2 Monitors for Healthcare Applications
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GMCiUK’s range of quality Indoor Air Quality Monitors for Hospitals and Care Homes have been chosen to cover all potential applications. The Vision CO2 Monitors offers you the most visual and uncomplicated indication of good air quality and in particular the ability to use these products as a Transmission Risk Air Monitor to help you first see and then control and reduce the potential for high levels of Airborne Pathogens. The battery powered Aranet4 Home & Pro Indoor Air Quality Monitors come into their own if you wish to monitor CO2 levels over time, as part of your facility management of the air quality within your Hospital or Care Home. With the Aranet4 Home this is a simple task you just utilise your smart phone and the Aranet4 app to download data to your phone via its Bluetooth connection, you can then view up to 7 days’ worth of data in a graph form. In this way you can monitor data from all of the Aranet4 Home Monitors within your Hospital or Care Home!

If you want to monitor air quality across you Hospital or Care Home from a single location then this is where you need the Aranet4 Pro Indoor Air Quality Monitor and Aranet Pro Base Station.

The battery powered Aranet4 Pro Monitor is portable, simple to install and easy to link to the Aranet Pro Base Station. You can link up to 100 Aranet4 Pro IAQ Monitor’s to a single Aranet Pro Base Station. Its key applications include monitoring CO2 levels within Hospitals and Healthcare facilities it supports the monitoring and maintenance of good air quality. Each individual Aranet4 Pro IAQ Sensor is portable needs no wiring or external power supply and is thus simple to install. All Aranet Pro Base Stations include embedded local web-server and pre-loaded Aranet SensorHUB software. The Aranet PRO can be configured via the built-in WiFi for simple connection to smartphone or PC, alternatively it can be connected via Ethernet cable to a PC.  Easy to use interface allows viewing, analysing and comparing data in real time, setting thresholds for alarms as well as exporting reports.

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