CO2 Monitors for Commercial Buildings

CO2 Monitors for Commercial Buildings
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The importance of monitoring CO2 levels in commercial buildings is becoming better understood as CO2 levels are now simply used to monitor the effectiveness of ventilation systems. The Building Regulations 2010 – Ventilation Part F calls for the use of CO2 Monitors that are mains powered and use a quality NDIR sensor. Both the Vision and Flamefast units offered meet this requirement.  

The Health and Safety Executive also cover the use of CO2 Monitors and how they can help identify poor ventilation in the workplace.

The AC Powered Vision and Flamefast units monitor indoor Air Quality including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature & Relative Humidity. The CO2 Levels are clearly indicated via the large LCD display which also changes colour from Green, through to Yellow, Amber and then Red. This traffic light display indicates the key levels of CO2 to be monitored.

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