Aranet Mini

Aranet Mini
Base Station supports Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The Aranet MINI is a perfect solution for temperature and humidity monitoring if precision measurements were different plant locations are to be monitored. 12 wireless sensors can be located on site and simply added to the network of one autonomous Aranet MINI base station. Sensors send data to the base station every 10 minutes from up to 3 km in line-of-sight range.

What we like: The Aranet MINI base stations comes complete with preinstalled software that allows you to view data in real time from up to 12 wireless sensors you can set thresholds for alarms as well as exporting data for further analysis. The simple intuitive software in combination with resistive touchscreen enables easy navigation even with gloves on. The Aranet MINI is ideal for small to medium sized applications within food processing plants, warehouses storage facilities, horticulture greenhouses, retail and leisure facilities and other building management projects.
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