Aranet T-Probe Sensor

Aranet T-Probe Sensor
Wireless Sensor for Monitoring the Temperature of Soil or other Soil-less Media

The Aranet T-probe Sensor is ideal for monitoring the temperature of the soil or other soil-less media such as coco coir, clay pebbles & rockwool and also the temperature of liquid nutrient feeds that support such systems. The temperature probe is sheathed with thin stainless steel cover to protect it from any corrosive elements while allowing for quick temperature response time.

What we like: There are 4 probe sensors available with lead length of 0.3m, 1m, 5m & 10m allowing you to locate the radio transmitter body in a suitable high position while locating the probe within the growing media to monitor root temperature or within irrigation tanks or hydroponic systems to monitor liquid nutrient feed temperatures.
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