Elspec G4430

Elspec G4430
Fixed Site Power Quality Analyzer - Class A Continuous monitoring at 1024 samples per cycle

The Elspec G4430 Blackbox is the most advanced fixed site power quality analyzer/digital fault recorder on the market; this 4th generation product provides accurate detection and isolation of 'Power Quality Problems' and is compliant to the latest IEC61000-4-30 standard and to the highest measurement category Class A.

What we like: We see the Elspec G4430 Blackbox as the best product for fixed site long term power quality monitoring, nothing else comes close! It simply records all waveform data for voltage and current across all phase, neutral and ground connections at 1024 samples per cycle for voltage and 256 for current (at either 50Hz/60Hz) for up to 1 year! This continuous superfast long term monitoring eliminates the need for setting complex triggers, thresholds or other parameters you just simply start recording all the data all of the time and nothing gets missed! The Elspec PQS Sapphire software then allows you to bring this data to life in any resolution, zooming in from a years’ worth of data to 20 milliseconds and back out again.
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Elspec G4430 Features
  • Power Quality Measurements in line with IEC61000-4-30 Class A
  • Provides compliance testing to EN50160, IEC61000-4-7, IEC61000-4-15
  • View individual harmonic and inter harmonic trend graphs up to the 512th harmonic.
  • Continuous monitoring at 1024 samples per cycle (at either 50Hz/60Hz)
  • Transient detection down to 19.5 micro seconds.
  • 32GB of internal memory plus superior compression allows for up to 2 years storage.
  • Standard industrial interface includes Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, OPC, DNP3 plus SMTP Client.
  • Fundamental operating frequencies include 50Hz & 60Hz
  • Time synchronization with or without a LAN connection.
  • 25 seconds of power ride through allows data to be captured before and after power loss.
  • Complies with EN61010 Safety Standard.
  • Highest Measurement Safety Category CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V.
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