Fluke 771

Fluke 771
'Quick Check' mA Clamp Meter Measures 4-20mA without having to break process loop

The Fluke 771 mA Process Clamp Meter allows you to quickly check 4-20mA process loop signals without having to break the process signal loop. Will actually measure up to 100mA.

What we like: If you’re just looking for a quick and simple way to check lots of 4-20mA signal loops within your process system then the Fluke 771 mA Process Clamp Meter is the best tool to cover this function. It’s also got a great inbuilt spotlight to illuminate the test area when checking those mA loops in a confined poorly lit enclosures, plus the small removable clamp with extension cable allows you to get into tight spots and still see the display from outside the confined space of the enclosure. 
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Fluke 771 Features
  • Key feature - measuresmA signals without the need to break the process loop.
  • Two auto measurement ranges at 0 to 20.99mA and 0 to 100.0mA.
  • Basic Accuracy 0.2% with a 0.01mA resolution.
  • Large backlit display simultaneously shows 4-20mA or 0-20mA range plus % range.
  • Inbuilt spot light to illuminate wire loops in confined poorly lit enclosures.
  • Detachable clamp allows you get into tight spots and still see the display from outside the enclosed space.
  • Hold feature for capturing measurements on the display.
  • Power saving feature with auto off to save battery life.
  • Complies with EN61010 Safety Standard
  • Measurement Category CAT I 30V
Fluke 771 Description
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