Fluke BT510

Fluke BT510
UPS Battery Analyzer. Record Battery Resistance, Voltage & Produce Reports.

The Fluke BT510 UPS Battery Analyzer, specifically designed for UPS related battery measurements include; internal battery resistance and battery voltage and the recording of discharge voltage. Also used for general UPS battery system maintenance AC/DC voltage up to 600V plus ripple voltage.

What we like: The Fluke BT510 Battery Analyzer is designed specifically for the UPS Service Engineers its key function is the measurement and recording of battery resistance and voltage, you can also save site location details, system information and battery details direct to the instruments internal memory, this saves time on site and later when producing test reports.
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Fluke BT510 Features
  • Complete test and reporting package for UPS Battery Management.
  • Accurately measures battery resistance and voltage for helping battery condition diagnosis.
  • This instrument helps find faulty batteries including conditions such as ‘Positive Grid Corrosion’ & ‘Plate Sulphation’.
  • This battery tester supports load testing enabling you to test and record the voltage across each cell up to 8 times during discharge. Again helping you find faulty batteries that can only be found during discharge testing.
  • Specially designed robust kelvin probes offer both accuracy and long term durability.
  • Create up to 100 test profiles that can be stored to memory, recording details such as the Site Name, UPS Location, UPS Number, String Number, Number of Batteries, Battery Start ID, Battery Type & Capacity.
  • Download test results straight into FlukeView standard test reports including tables and charts.
  • Multimeter functions for UPS system measurements such as AC/DC voltage measurements up to 600V and the measurement of AC ripple voltage for the monitoring the battery charging system.
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