Graphtec GL100-N + GS-LXUV

Graphtec GL100-N + GS-LXUV
Petit Channel Data Logger with Illuminace & UV Module

The Graphtec GL100-N Petit Channel Data Logger can monitor up to 4 channels of input data depending on the input module/sensor connected to it.

The Graphtec GS-LXUV Illuminance & UV Sensor Module is a compact illuminance and UV sensor for industries requiring accurate light metering (0 to 200klx) with UV ray strength monitoring (0 to 30Mw/cm²).

What we like: This logger allows you to change the input variable via a range of input sensors allowing you to move quickly from one application to another as and when required. Popular measurement ranges include DC voltage levels from 0…20mV to 0…50V and process signals such as 1…5V or 4…20mA, temperature measurements from type K & T thermocouples, carbon dioxide plus Illuminance (Lux) & Ultraviolet levels can all be monitored with the Graphtec GL100-N Petit Channel Data Logger.
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