Graphtec GL840-WVCompact 20 Channel Multi-Function High Voltage Data Logger.Graphtec GL840-WV£1995.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL840-MCompact 20 Channel Multi-Function Data LoggerGraphtec GL840-M£1795.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL240-WLCompact 10 Channel Multi-Function Wireless Data LoggerGraphtec GL240-WL£1150.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL240Compact 10 Channel Multi-Function Data LoggerGraphtec GL240£995.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + GS-DPA / CO2 / LXUVPetit Channel Data Logger with Dual Port Adapter, Carbon Dioxide & Illuminance/UV ModuleGraphtec GL100-N + GS-DPA / CO2 / LXUV£789.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + GS-DPA / CO2 / THPetit Channel Data Logger with Dual Port Adapter, Carbon Dioxide & Temperature ModuleGraphtec GL100-N + GS-DPA / CO2 / TH£714.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + GS-DPA / TH / LXUVPetit Channel Data Logger with Dual Port Adapter, Temperature & Illuminance/UV ModuleGraphtec GL100-N + GS-DPA / TH / LXUV£580.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + GS-CO2Petit Channel Data Logger with Carbon Dioxide ModuleGraphtec GL100-N + GS-CO2£534.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + GS-4VTPetit Data Logger with DC Voltage and Temperature ModuleGraphtec GL100-N + GS-4VT£505.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + DPA-AC + AC50APetit Channel Data Logger with Current Sensor Adapter & 50A Current SensorGraphtec GL100-N + DPA-AC + AC50A£440.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + DPA-AC + AC100APetit Channel Data Logger with Current Sensor Adapter & 100A Current SensorGraphtec GL100-N + DPA-AC + AC100A£440.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + DPA-AC + AC200APetit Channel Data Logger with Current Sensor Adapter & 200A Current SensorGraphtec GL100-N + DPA-AC + AC200A£440.00 Ex VATGraphtec B-564GL840-M Input TerminalGraphtec B-564£425.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + GS-LXUVPetit Channel Data Logger with Illuminace & UV ModuleGraphtec GL100-N + GS-LXUV£400.00 Ex VATGraphtec B-530Humidity SensorGraphtec B-530£390.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-N + GS-THPetit Channel Data Logger with Temperature SensorGraphtec GL100-N + GS-TH£325.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-CO2Carbon Dioxide ModuleGraphtec GS-CO2£309.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-4VT4 Channel DC Voltage or Temperature ModuleGraphtec GS-4VT£280.00 Ex VATGraphtec GL100-NPetit Channel Data LoggerGraphtec GL100-N£225.00 Ex VATGraphtec B-566GL840 Terminal BaseGraphtec B-566£215.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-LXUVIlluminance & UV Sensor ModuleGraphtec GS-LXUV£175.00 Ex VATGraphtec B-567-20GL840 Extension Cable - 2mGraphtec B-567-20£170.00 Ex VATGraphtec B-568Wireless LAN UnitGraphtec B-568£160.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-DPA-ACAC Current Sensor AdapterGraphtec GS-DPA-AC£135.00 Ex VATGraphtec B-569Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack for the Graphtec GL series of Data LoggersGraphtec B-569£135.00 Ex VATGraphtec B-567-05GL840 Extension Cable - 0.5mGraphtec B-567-05£105.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-THTemperature SensorGraphtec GS-TH£100.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-AC200AAC TRMS Current Sensor - 200AGraphtec GS-AC200A£80.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-AC50AAC TRMS Current Sensor - 50AGraphtec GS-AC50A£80.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-AC100AAC TRMS Current Sensor - 100AGraphtec GS-AC100A£80.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-DPADual Port AdapterGraphtec GS-DPA£80.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-EXCInput Module Extension Cable - 1.5mGraphtec GS-EXC£55.00 Ex VATGraphtec GS-240/5VAC Adapter with Micro USB ConnectorGraphtec GS-240/5V£8.00 Ex VAT
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