GW Instek LCR-8230

GW Instek LCR-8230
GW Instek
LCR Meter with Measurement Frequency Range DC & 10Hz to 30MHz.

GW Instek 8200 Series High Frequency LCR Meters offer 4 models with a measurement frequency test range from DC, 10Hz to 5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz, or 30MHz. This range offers you the smartest way to test and characterize components in production, the test laboratory or R&D. The GW Instek LCR-8230 LCR Meter offers a measurement range of DC, 10Hz to 30MHz.

What we like: The GW Instek LCR-8230 LCR Meter uses a clear bright 7” colour LCD display which can simultaneously display up to four measurement parameters that you can choose from a list of 17, you can even set comparator Pass/Fail judgments against each selected measurement parameter, the displayed results will then change colour, "Red" means that the limit value is exceeded, and "Green" means that the value is within your own set limits. Two great test features include ‘LIST’ Measurement and ‘DUAL’ Sweep. With the ‘LIST’ measurement test function you can set 15 test parameters and once the test is activated it will automatically work through the 15 test points listed, simply change the component and the test automatically runs again and again without pressing another button! With the ‘DUAL’ Sweep function you can sweep test your component with two different measurement parameters at the same time.
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